Friday, March 27, 2009

Children’s bedrooms by Dearkids: Colorfull and Happy sleep

Set to be showcased at the 2009 Salone del Mobile furnishings show this April, the cool and contemporary children’s bedrooms designed by Dearkids stole our heart with their attractive shades, wonderful use of available space and great design options.

The complete bedroom designs vary from the eternal favorite pink (though this one is a tad bit too dark) to trendy orange and even the plain white at times. Apart from the colors, there are various bed options available, tiny staircases, plenty of chairs, tables, cushions and all the other stuff that make a kid’s bedroom truly complete. Your little one can even display his own name proudly on the bed as it doubles up as safety railing. Colorfull and full of life all the way!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Magical Nesting Chairs

Just perfect as the Papa, Mama and two baby chairs!The industrial designer is Dripta Roy, co-founder of the Canadian company Purr Design with a vision of “Make it so no one can fake it”. The Magic™ chair will be available in Montreal in the spring. The design rights are also available for sale.

The Magic™ chair is truly magical. It is both functional and stylishly simple. It is also a model of efficiency. The nesting concept of four chairs in one saves not only a great deal of space but is economical in construction. Not much material is lost in its making. The four solid wood chairs were created using the bentwood technique where the furniture is sculpted via steaming and molding.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleek and Stylish Modern Furniture

A seating space that has an uncanny resemblance with a coffin, a lamp shade with concentric and slashed rings, a grand chair with a cushioned resting space for your feet and a lamp that can double up as a tiny bookshelf for a few of yourgood books are all a part of this exclusive collection.

Designed with twists and turns by the eccentric Spanish-English duo of Cate and Nelson, these glossy and ultra-modern furniture designs steal the show with their minimalist look and unconventional design. Simple straight lines, clear finishing and glossy surfaces make them a perfect choice for those who love to invite home some innovation.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stackable Furniture

With large homes getting less popular in favor of smaller, energy-efficient living spaces, stackable furniture is becoming more common – and it doesn’t have to be cheap, dorm-room quality stuff.
These two sets of stacking furniture – Capsule Stacking and Golf Stacking – each transform into a set of chairs and a small table. When not in use, just stack them up again and they hardly take up any space at all.

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Bed Travel

Finding a moving bed you can carry on travel or moving..

Nappak is keen for a quickly, easily inflated solution to the problem!This sack bed can save on your travel bag how simple and stylish.

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Napping Pods on Bed

Yet it is not just the design of beds that is changing - their function is similarly in flux. As evidence builds that power napping has a profound positive influence on concentration and energy levels throughout the day,

business of the future will have to find suitable furniture for corporate napping programmes. Here are some beds that are ahead of the curve. The two Cocon Napping Pods (the first reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Alien) and the stunningly hi-tec pod from Metronaps seek to tackle sleepiness with the sturdiest of modern technology…

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Bed Egg Light Therapy

If you thought Private Cloud looked modern, the Lomme will be a revelation. This egg like bed comes equipped with a “light therapy” alarm clock, a massaging viscoelastic memory foam mattress and a control unit that is a specially modified iPhone.

At this point, you will be correct in assuming the Lomme isn’t cheap). With muting acoustics and a distinctly calming aesthetic, the Lomme seems guaranteed to give you a trouble-free night’s sleep, wherever you are.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bed Lounge Chair

Another design trend happily carried over from our childhoods is the cradle. Private Cloud have taken the concept and thoroughly updated it with more than a splash of style and pupil-dilating beauty.

Rollers can be fixed under the leg-arches to allow safe rocking to and fro, or to lock the whole bed in place - and the whole piece can double as a comfortable (and stable) lounge-chair.

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Comfortable Bed

Children like their beds to look like anything but beds (for example, pirate ships are popular) but this habit is not just confined to the kids. The Okooko bed looks almost seaworthy, albeit in a Columbus rather than Blackbeard style. The Tree Bed - part four-poster, part Lothlorien - can’t make up its mind whether it is a bed or a bird’s nest. And the Casket Bed seems perhaps a little too perfect for those with an angsty, gothic-revival obsession with creatures of the night.

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Smooth Bed

Joel Hesselgren’s vision is of bed legs that also double as side tables,

in a modular design that can be divided into singles or doubled up and expanded as need be - “a bed that grows with you”. Lago’s Fluttua bed aims for a David Blaine trick: from the right angle, there is nothing but air under this bed.

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Bed Float

Other modern beds also aren’t keen on being grounded either.

Take the Bed Float - not only can it be fully dismantled in a jiffy (with part of the bed frame forming a carrying case), it is also designed to look as if it’s touching the ground as little as possible.

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Hanging Bed

Le Beanock’s contribution to this tradition is scale: slung between walls on a series of heavy-duty chains, their double-sized (but presumably only one-person) hammock is an eye-catcher, a room centerpiece and a sheer joy when it is time to sweep the floor.

Its origins lost in antiquity, the hammock has been a popular and practical alternative to terra firma sleeping arrangements for thousands of years.

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Bed and Desk

In smaller homes where space is at a premium, cleverly designed morphing furniture is the best way to maximize the space you have. This amazing desk/bed is a perfect example of how to maintain the functionality of two pieces of furniture while only needing room for one piece. You don’t even have to move your gear from the desk surface before folding the bed out.

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Sofa and Bed

This sofa bed/bunk bed combo seems like it was dreamed up by a designer who grew up watching the Transformers cartoon.

The seemingly innocuous sofa goes from mild-mannered sitting place to totally awesome bunk bed in mere seconds. More than meets the eye, indeed. For studio apartments or small guest rooms, this is an essential piece of furniture.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creative n Comfortable Chair

And for other chairs that have a healthier-than-normal relationship with the ground: the Leaf Rocking Chair couldn’t be a simpler or more portable design;

the Once A Door chair is made from reclaimed timber by UK designer Claire Danthios; and the compulsive Internet surfer’s dream, the Surf Chair Workstation, an elegant ergonomic solution to the problem of where your computer goes when you’ve got your feet up!

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Living Lounge Chair

wo parts velvet couch to one part arachnid, the Living Lounge Chair is crafted from micro-suede and poplar,

and has an award-winning design that is guaranteed to be the centre of attention of any room. (Just don’t forget it’s there; it could give you a nasty fright).

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Split Coat Rack Design

When not in use, the Symbol Coat Rack lines your wall like a colorful LED-dotted appliance, encouraging you to concoct some appalling fable about having computerised your whole house when visitors call by.

If they want to hang their coat, your lie is found out: each of the colored strips cunningly slides out into a hook. Also available in monochrome aluminium, if metal is your thing.

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Inspired Unique Shelving System

Doesn’t it always seem like your drawers are just a little too big or too small for some particular purpose? Aside from its inherently sleek early-modern look,

this fractal-patterned chest of drawers is also imminently practical and suited to its purpose. It provides all kinds of shapes and sizes of storage for virtually anything you could imagine. For decorative purposes, you could even leave some of the drawers open, allowing items to spill out, depending upon whether your priority is form or function.

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Omega Desk and Chair Furniture Set

While this Omega desk-and-chair furniture set by the furniture-and-architecture firm Atomere are clearly design-and-style driven there are functional moves hidden within their smooth forms.

Structurally, the rounded and reinforced surfaces are deceptively strong but also flexible enough to provide additional comfort.The single-piece approach to the desk would have been spoiled by something as conventional and additive as a drawer - hence the clever inclusion of storage spaces below the desk surface, integrated directly into the form. The band of central color in each piece give visual continuity to and between them and emphasizes the appearance that each were cut, bent and wrapped from the same material.One might be tempted to design a chair (to match the desk) that was similarly composed of a single band but that would be a bit too retro - those designs have been done. Instead, the band forks in this case but still creates additional cubby space below the seat which matches up with the integrated structural storage in the desk.

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Shelving, bookcases, sideboards, and room dviders

Purion combines glass and wood to make a collection of amazing storage pieces. Shelving, bookcases, sideboards, and room dviders help to make up the Purion Innovations living room.

Purion’s pieces can truly be called functional art.
Patterned glass adds a bit of fun to items, while the large size makes a grand statement in any room it is located. Products come in white lacquer, oak sand, and oak anthracite. The glass is available in various versions, tints and colors. Purion adds bold elegance to their items, allowing each item to be subtle or the focal point of the room.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Pelican Bedside Table by Marc Venot

Designed by french designer Marc Venot the Pélican Bedside Table is a piece of furniture that can become clean in a few seconds.

A simple hand movement activates rotation of the receptacle on a central axis, and opens the compartment. Ditto for closing. The fixed plateau serves as hood and table top. Pelican is made of wood and chrome steel finish for exterior, with lacquer finish inside.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simple Set in Your Room

One packed set of your room to choose if you want have big space make other function for your room just packed it into a box.

Would you believe that everything shown in the above image can be fit into a box that is less than 3 feet by 4 feet? The creative furniture within can be carried, unpacked and rapidly assembled by just two people. It probably goes without saying but: the box itself is also reused in the final results.

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Kitchen on Your Chair

If you want kitchen on the living room but no need big space its usefull for you behind the chair can be stoves..

Now this one is particularly strange: a stove and kitchen workspace that doubles as a comfortable chair? An odd combination to be sure, but it is a step in an interesting direction. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking could result in furniture that not only serves a similar function to its counterpart but that would have different purposes in various rooms around a house.

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Sofa Plus Bed

Sofa can be bed, also bed can be sofa.You only choose the these usefull fold to be..

We’re all familiar with beds that fold out from sofas, but few do so as easily and elegantly as this one by Flou. In Modernist tradition, the form of the bed is also partly visible in the form of the couch with each fold-out layer articulated individually.

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Chair, Table, Sofa or Bed

You can choose by your self it use can be Chair, Table, Sofa or Bed

Yellow might not be the best color, but you have to appreciate this simply brilliant Tetris-based Chairs + Table design. Aside from the sofa, bed, and chairs-and-tables configuration these also pack up nicely to be stored. The material is designed to be soft enough to be comfortable but resilient enough to work as an eating or work surface. Also, one could imagine that, with sufficient pieces, other creative furniture constructions would be possible.

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Kitchen Set Creative room can be dining room with this cabinet only pull the part of it have a nice sweet table

Similar in principle to a Murphy bed (which folds down from the wall when needed) this cabinet dining room set has everything one needs to sit down to a comfortable meal and then slides back into place. Neat as this complete furniture solution sounds, though, it isn’t clear how much space is needed behind-the-scenes to make it work.

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Creative Table Set

It seem like cute cubus with two thick red like eyes if we looks but more than cubus its can be split to be table and 4 pieces chair

Marta Antoszkeiwicz’s design is not like most transforming furniture that relies on clever bends, twists and hidden tricks to work. This simple table and chairs set relies only on sliding pieces under and out from under one another. The result, though, is impressive: chairs that go well with the table in either configuration and don’t look like extra elements.

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Artistic Bookcase

Just need opened and it's red artistic bookcase to place it on living room.

A storable box or subtle side table by all appearances, this articulated shelving system by Bertrand Pinceman folds out into a rather nice bookcase. It is designed to work both on its side and upright.

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